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Hand lettering. Kindness. It doesn't cost a damn thing. Sprinkle that shit everywhere. Mixed font

Hand lettering: Kindness

I love this quote that is all about kindness and being friendly. Like I’ve written here already, I’m a big fan of playing it nice. Doesn’t cost you anything, but gives everyone around you a lot. It’s so uncool being bitchy or grumpy. Kindness. It…

Hand Lettering - Babe you look so cool

Hand lettering: Babe, you look so cool

Babe, you look so cool.  Just another quote I found online and wanted to re-create in my own style. Because sometimes you have to say these words to someone. Feel free to pass the note and  don’t forget to tag me! Happy Almost-Weekend-Day.

Hand Lettering Speak the truth Typography

Hand Lettering: : Speak the truth!

Heute gibt es keine große Geschichte von mir, sondern ich möchte eines meiner Lebensmottos mit euch teilen. Neben Freundlichkeit und Karma glaube ich fest an Aufrichtigkeit. Egal was passiert, es ist immer das Beste aufrichtig zu sein und die Wahrheit zu sagen. Sag immer die…

modern calligraphy video

About meeting the paper: Modern calligraphy

Today I created a new clip for you. It’s about the hand lettering technique I like to call “modern calligraphy”. Regular calligraphy is all about synchrony and standardized letters, while modern calligraphy allows a lot more fantasy and freedom. This way you can make the…

Hand Lettering Adventure

Hand Lettering: Chase adventure

Let’s chase adventure today! Whether that means an exciting journey to you, a new opportunity or an amazing day. Adventures are so much fun! Hand lettering, faux calligraphy and some watercolor spots on paper.

hand lettering tutorial faux calligraphy

About meeting the paper – Faux calligraphy

Surpriiise! This weekend I’ve been working on something new for you guys. From now on I will share different techniques of type design with you. And what’s more fun than doing that than in a video? It’s all about meeting the paper. I will show…

Hand Lettering: Magic

She’s mad but she’s magic. I read this quote somewhere and it kind of got stuck in my head. I love how it describes the complexity of women and how awesome we are even though we might appear crazy from time to time. Or maybe…

Sundaze Type Design Typography

Brush Lettering: Sundaze

Let’s start this Sunday! Whether your’re still sleeping, just cuddeling the pillows for a few more minutes or are already enjoying your sunday morning breakfast. Sunday is for whatever you want!

Tuesday modern calligraphy type design brushmeetspaper blog

Hand Lettering: Tuesday is for new looks

I made this handlettering design with watercolor, because I think tuesday is a great day to try out something new. After a long monday which many of us just hate (I don’t, but that’s another thing), the second day of the week feels already much…

Hand Lettering: To travel is to live

I just love to travel. Seeing new places, being surrounded by a foreign culture and language is just awesome. Instead of always exploring it’s nice sometimes to just return to countries you’ve been to and cities where you’ve lived for a certain period in your…

Hand Lettering: Kiss my soul, please

Another one of my designs for valentines. I believe that people fall in love because of a special interest in each others soul rather than looks. And I love drawing the word kiss, so that’s basicall the whole story behind it.