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Hand lettering You are like a color. Not everybody will like but, there will always be someone who's favorite color you are Watercolor Part 1

Hand Lettering: Favorite color

Today I want to share a new design with you: a quote that was brought to me by my dad and I just love it. It actually was written in German, but I hope the translation works just as well: You are like a color.…

Hand Lettering Speak the truth Typography

Hand Lettering: : Speak the truth!

Heute gibt es keine große Geschichte von mir, sondern ich möchte eines meiner Lebensmottos mit euch teilen. Neben Freundlichkeit und Karma glaube ich fest an Aufrichtigkeit. Egal was passiert, es ist immer das Beste aufrichtig zu sein und die Wahrheit zu sagen. Sag immer die…

Hand Lettering: Never not create

It’s monday morning and let’s be honest – we all could use a tiny push, some positive vibes and energy to start into this new week ahead of us. Monday mornings aren’t the most fun thing in the world. But new beginnings are. So why…

Baby baby baby handlettering type design

Hand Lettering: Baby baby baby

When creating a hand lettering design I sometimes don’t know at what point the piece is actually “completed”. Even the very first sketch can look already kind of cool. So today I want you to be part of playing around with the different steps of…

August Brush Lettering Month Hot Summer Blue Yellow Shades

Brush Lettering: Hello august

The hot month is here! While in the southern countries of Europe august means four weeks of vacation bliss, I will be working throughout the whole month. I do hope that there will be plenty sunny, hot days ahead of us! Hello august – it’s…

She needed a hero so that's what she became Hand Lettering

Hand Lettering: She needed a hero

Some inspiration for you: #girlpower. I saw the quote and thought it was amazing: she needed a hero so that’s what she became. I translate it like this: just get active and create your own happiness! Have a great day today!

you can take the girl out of the mountains but you can't take the mountains out of her heart hand lettering design

Hand Lettering: The girl and the mountains

Today I’m sharing a design with you, that I’ve created for my sisters birthday. She loves the mountains and goes there as often as possible. So when I found this quote, I knew it was just perfect for her: You can take the girl out…

Brush Lettering: See it for what it is

How often do we let ourself fall for illusions and wishfull thinking, for stuff that we’ve created just in our head? For one thing, it happens when you are at a new beginning. When you start a new chapter in your life – whether a…

modern calligraphy video

About meeting the paper: Modern calligraphy

Today I created a new clip for you. It’s about the hand lettering technique I like to call “modern calligraphy”. Regular calligraphy is all about synchrony and standardized letters, while modern calligraphy allows a lot more fantasy and freedom. This way you can make the…

Hand Lettering Ocean

Hand Lettering: The ocean, sun & watermelon

Clouds, rain non-stop and freezing temperatures like at the end of winter – the weather is the worst right now in Munich. It affects the mood so much in a negative way! All I want is wearing sandals, a light jacket and leave the house…

Hand Lettering Adventure

Hand Lettering: Chase adventure

Let’s chase adventure today! Whether that means an exciting journey to you, a new opportunity or an amazing day. Adventures are so much fun! Hand lettering, faux calligraphy and some watercolor spots on paper.

Hand lettering Uh la lala

Brush Lettering: Uh la lala

Today’s design is not about a lyrics, but about singing and humming along in general. Not sure which song was stuck in my head while painting it. I just like the way it looks. Song on paper.

celebrate hand lettering faux calligraphy

Brush Lettering: Celebrate the ordinary

Just a little reminder to stop chasing the big dreams that might be happing the future. Instead focus on the ordinary of each and every day. What will bring you this day today? How was it so far? Did you have a nice morning run?…

quote hand lettering brush lettering typografie

Hand Lettering: Try something new today

Just like the Don Draper-quote I made this design using a brush pen (Copic ciao C-3) and I still have to practice a lot. Hope you enjoy it anway! I love how in the beginning of new things there’s this imperfect-charme about designs. Perfection is…