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Hop hop little bunny

Happy Easter my lovelies! I hope you will spend these days with your beloved ones and enjoy some peace and quiet & get an extra dose of sun. Hop hop little bunny!

let's go outside handlettering typography

Let’s go outside

Sunny Sunday morning, the birds are singing and the wind is soft with a faint scent of flower – I’d say spring is here! Let’s go outside & enjoy the warmish air today.

Morning hours

I’m totally a morning person. I just the love the early morning hours. The alarm clock cannot ring early enough for me to get out of bed & start the day. Breakfast, coffee, then some reading and maybe a tiny bit of hand lettering…and I’m…

Hand Lettering: City love

Ever since I was little I wanted to live in a big city. Coming from a small town, I always admired the flair of cities and the possibilities they contain. I like that you can go to a late night movie and don’t have to…

Love letters: superheroes exist

The occasion for this superhero-design was Valentines Day. Even though my valentine was far away on the day of love, I put some extra thought into this. I used mixed font lettering, meaning that I changed the way of writing for each word. On Valentines…

Intro: Brushmeetspaper

Hej hej & welcome on my blog! I started working on my project brushmeetspaper at the end of 2014, but the idea behind it existed in my head already for ages. I’ve always wanted to start my own blog filled with just the ideal combination…