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Watermelon-Wallpaper Design for your Gadget / Free Download

Wallpaper: Wassermelone

Because my readers are fantastic and we could all use a little bit more summer, I designed a watermelon wallpaper for you. This way you can dress up your favorite gadgets in a summer-look.

brush lettering quote motivation hopes are not built on mountain tops

Brush Lettering: Where hope is born

Little motivation to start off this Tuesday. I found this phrase about “where hope is born” browsing through Instagram and couldn’t help but interpret it with brush lettering. I’ve been using this technique several types before (for instance here and here), but never before in…

tutorial hand lettering mixed font type design let's throw sparkle in today's face

About meeting the paper #4: Mixed font

Happy Sunday my dearest readers! Today I have a new video tutorial for you and it’s about a hand lettering technique I use and like a lot: mixed font. It is a form of type design where you mix up different styles of lettering and…

Brush Lettering: See it for what it is

How often do we let ourself fall for illusions and wishfull thinking, for stuff that we’ve created just in our head? For one thing, it happens when you are at a new beginning. When you start a new chapter in your life – whether a…

Water color brush lettering

Brush Lettering: I love today

Not many words necessary: I love today! A motivational quote for all the regular and special days ahead of you. Sometimes I doesn’t hurt to start the day with a thought like this. It almost guarantees for wonderful things to happen…

modern calligraphy video

About meeting the paper: Modern calligraphy

Today I created a new clip for you. It’s about the hand lettering technique I like to call “modern calligraphy”. Regular calligraphy is all about synchrony and standardized letters, while modern calligraphy allows a lot more fantasy and freedom. This way you can make the…

Hand Lettering Ocean

Hand Lettering: The ocean, sun & watermelon

Clouds, rain non-stop and freezing temperatures like at the end of winter – the weather is the worst right now in Munich. It affects the mood so much in a negative way! All I want is wearing sandals, a light jacket and leave the house…

Brush Lettering: Do!

How often do you hear yourself use the words should, could, would? I find myself saying them way too much! I think words like should, could, would limit us in our daily actions and life and I want to try not to make use of…

Hand Lettering Adventure

Hand Lettering: Chase adventure

Let’s chase adventure today! Whether that means an exciting journey to you, a new opportunity or an amazing day. Adventures are so much fun! Hand lettering, faux calligraphy and some watercolor spots on paper.

Hand lettering Uh la lala

Brush Lettering: Uh la lala

Today’s design is not about a lyrics, but about singing and humming along in general. Not sure which song was stuck in my head while painting it. I just like the way it looks. Song on paper.

celebrate hand lettering faux calligraphy

Brush Lettering: Celebrate the ordinary

Just a little reminder to stop chasing the big dreams that might be happing the future. Instead focus on the ordinary of each and every day. What will bring you this day today? How was it so far? Did you have a nice morning run?…

lettering with brush watercolor pink

Brush Lettering: Why not?

Why not? Sometimes it’s best to break some of the boundaries you’ve created in your mind. What is the one thing you’ve always wanted to do or be? Just go ahead and ask yourself: why the hell not?

hand lettering tutorial faux calligraphy

About meeting the paper – Faux calligraphy

Surpriiise! This weekend I’ve been working on something new for you guys. From now on I will share different techniques of type design with you. And what’s more fun than doing that than in a video? It’s all about meeting the paper. I will show…

quote hand lettering brush lettering typografie

Hand Lettering: Try something new today

Just like the Don Draper-quote I made this design using a brush pen (Copic ciao C-3) and I still have to practice a lot. Hope you enjoy it anway! I love how in the beginning of new things there’s this imperfect-charme about designs. Perfection is…

first day of my life hand lettering typography

Lettering: First day of my life

I made this hand lettering piece last night while listening to one of my all time favorite songs first day of my life by Bright Eyes. It always makes me think about my boy, which is a bit tough right now, because he’s far away…