let's go outside handlettering typography

Let’s go outside

Sunny Sunday morning, the birds are singing and the wind is soft with a faint scent of flower – I’d say spring is here! Let’s go outside & enjoy the warmish air today.

let your heart sing water color design

Let your heart sing

Lalala – let your heart sing today! I found this quote among the endless inspiration of Instagram and I just thought it’s amazing, what do you guys think?


Summer Trench

This weekend I was in such a springy mood, because over the week it has been such a lovely weather. Unfortunately it got quite freezy (and windy) again on sunday, but I didn’t really care when getting dressed. I just wanted to start wearing my…

Sundaze Type Design Typography


Let’s start this Sunday! Whether your’re still sleeping, just cuddeling the pillows for a few more minutes or are already enjoying your sunday morning breakfast. Sunday is for whatever you want!

Tuesday modern calligraphy type design brushmeetspaper blog

Tuesday is for new looks

I made this handlettering design with watercolor, because I think tuesday is a great day to try out something new. After a long monday which many of us just hate (I don’t, but that’s another thing), the second day of the week feels already much…

Watercolor black oh you - brushmeetspaper

Oh you

Oh you! Sometime two words are enough to express what you think. Just share with your lover or friends.


Style crush #2

Confession: I too fell head over heels for the oh-so-awesome bucket bag by Mansur Gavriel. The New Yorker Label simply creates the most beautiful, simplistic bags. I love how the strong leather is held together by this thin string of leather and is tied into…


Morning hours

I’m totally a morning person. I just the love the early morning hours. The alarm clock cannot ring early enough for me to get out of bed & start the day. Breakfast, coffee, then some reading and maybe a tiny bit of hand lettering…and I’m…


Casual in Amsterdam

So I’ve been in the Netherlands over the weekend to catch up with some of my friends. I started in Amsterdam, then Rotterdam and added an extra fun day-trip to the belgian capital including waffles & the European parlament. It’s been so nice being back…


Pardon my french

The story behind this design is that I made it on request of a dear friend of mine. She has a special connection to the french language and wanted something to hang over her bed. We spend one afternoon hunting down just the right color…

2015-03-05 08.15.14

To travel is to live

I just love to travel. Seeing new places, being surrounded by a foreign culture and language is just awesome. Instead of always exploring it’s nice sometimes to just return to countries you’ve been to and cities where you’ve lived for a certain period in your…

throw kindness arround

Good days

I’ve been having a few particularly good days. Do you know what I mean? When everything seems to run smooth in your life and you feel like everything is in balance. Everyone passing by smiles at you, the cashier at the supermarket is friendly as…


Hand Lettering: City love

Ever since I was little I wanted to live in a big city. Coming from a small town, I always admired the flair of cities and the possibilities they contain. I like that you can go to a late night movie and don’t have to…


Updating happiness

Sometimes I need to take a moment in my daily routine and stressy situations to focus on what is important. Gaining perspective on the current situation or the position where I am in life. I’ve a rather impatient person, so it happens more than I’d…


The striped shirt

When I’m in a rush in the morning, this striped shirt is my life saver. It has a thick fabric almost like denim, and a loose fit. So it doesn’t really need ironing, which is nice. I love to combine it with simple basics like…


Love letters: superheroes exist

The occasion for this superhero-design was Valentines Day. Even though my valentine was far away on the day of love, I put some extra thought into this. I used mixed font lettering, meaning that I changed the way of writing for each word. On Valentines…


Girlfriend-, better yet mom-jeans

So I’m totally into this mom-jeans trend. I never thought they would be something that looks good on me, but as soon as I tried them on, I knew I had to have them. Without even trying to search for it, I found the perfect…


New in: Aqua eyeshadow

How awesome is aquamarin-colored eyeshadow? The answer is: very very much! When I read about the trend-spotting blue eyeshadow online, I was already intrigued. But as soon as I saw this baby, I knew it was the color to go for. I adore how it…


Kiss my soul, please

Another one of my designs for valentines. I believe that people fall in love because of a special interest in each others soul rather than looks. And I love drawing the word kiss, so that’s basicall the whole story behind it.