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Oh so cool

Wasserfarbe und Komplimente. Geht ziemlich gut zusammen. Nach meiner Liebeserklärung vergangene Woche, geht’s weiter mit #sharethelove. Heute will ich mich auf die Coolness konzentrieren. Weil man so vielen Menschen einfach mal direkt ins Gesicht sagen sollte, wie cool sie eigentlich sind. Oder mit Wasserfarbe auf…

How wild it was to let it be Brush lettering typography schrift kunst lettering brushmeetspaper

Brush lettering: How wild it was

You kown this this inner feeling telling you to stop chasing, stressing, worrying. You should listen to it. Sometimes you just have to let it go. I am a person who worries a lot. I think things through until the very last possible detail and…

brush lettering make this year amazing brushmeetspaper watercolor 2016

Brush lettering: Make this year amazing

So the first week of work in 2016 done, yay. Even though I love my job, I’m already feeling a bit tensened and stressed. The weekend couldn’t come at a better time – I need to just relax, calm my mind and do some lettering.…

brush lettering out of office pool water seaside vacation

Out of office

I’m off. One week of blissful vacation lays ahead of me and I decided I totally go with it. As much as I love blogging and showing you my latest lettering designs and looks, I need this week full of sweet nothing. My schedule is…


Slow down summer

After my summer collage I’m trying yet again to influence summer and make it stay a bit longer. I’m just not ready for fall yet. What about you? I need more days full of sun spend by the river and in nature,  some more of…

sweet taste of summer brush lettering pineapple birkenstock

Sweet taste of summer

Pineapples, coconut water and – of course – watermelon. All these things entail for me the sweet taste of summer. Wether you are on vacation or at work/ studying in your usual routine – tastes like these can bring you right into a relaxing mood…

beauty tools shopping make-up lips eyebrows hair-care brush

Beauty Crush #1

After showing you every now and then my current style crush pieces, my absolute fashion wanna-haves of the moment, I am starting the same series about beauty items today. “Beauty crush” is about the latest make-up, hair and care-products I’m into.


See it for what it is

How often do we let ourself fall for illusions and wishfull thinking, for stuff that we’ve created just in our head? For one thing, it happens when you are at a new beginning. When you start a new chapter in your life – whether a…



How often do you hear yourself use the words should, could, would? I find myself saying them way too much! I think words like should, could, would limit us in our daily actions and life and I want to try not to make use of…

lettering with brush watercolor pink

Why not?

Why not? Sometimes it’s best to break some of the boundaries you’ve created in your mind. What is the one thing you’ve always wanted to do or be? Just go ahead and ask yourself: why the hell not?

Tuesday modern calligraphy type design brushmeetspaper blog

Tuesday is for new looks

I made this handlettering design with watercolor, because I think tuesday is a great day to try out something new. After a long monday which many of us just hate (I don’t, but that’s another thing), the second day of the week feels already much…


The Brushmeetspaper Calendar: 2015

This year I wanted to create my own calendar. After having enjoyed the one by the oh so talented Jasmine Dowling in 2014, I wanted to do my very own calendar. I used watercolor for the months and a copic pen to write the days.…


New beginnings & the comfort zone

It’s quite hard to leave your comfort zone. Since I have started to study I have been trying to push myself to experiment with new things, experience a life outside of my habits and culture. I believe it’s super important, because it broadens your way…