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Brush Lettering: Wie wollen wir leben?

“Entschuldigung, ich glaube ich war zuerst dran!” blafft mich die Lady unsanft von der Seite an, als ich im Bio-Markt meine Crunchies bezahlen will. Stimmt, sie kam vor mir in den Laden, stand aber an einer anderen Kasse rechts von mir an. Dass der Kassierer…

Brush Lettering: Do!

How often do you hear yourself use the words should, could, would? I find myself saying them way too much! I think words like should, could, would limit us in our daily actions and life and I want to try not to make use of…

celebrate hand lettering faux calligraphy

Brush Lettering: Celebrate the ordinary

Just a little reminder to stop chasing the big dreams that might be happing the future. Instead focus on the ordinary of each and every day. What will bring you this day today? How was it so far? Did you have a nice morning run?…

lettering with brush watercolor pink

Brush Lettering: Why not?

Why not? Sometimes it’s best to break some of the boundaries you’ve created in your mind. What is the one thing you’ve always wanted to do or be? Just go ahead and ask yourself: why the hell not?

quote hand lettering brush lettering typografie

Hand Lettering: Try something new today

Just like the Don Draper-quote I made this design using a brush pen (Copic ciao C-3) and I still have to practice a lot. Hope you enjoy it anway! I love how in the beginning of new things there’s this imperfect-charme about designs. Perfection is…