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modern calligraphy video

About meeting the paper: Modern calligraphy

Today I created a new clip for you. It’s about the hand lettering technique I like to call „modern calligraphy“. Regular calligraphy is all about synchrony and standardized letters, while modern calligraphy allows a lot more fantasy and freedom. This way you can make the…

Hand Lettering: Magic

She’s mad but she’s magic. I read this quote somewhere and it kind of got stuck in my head. I love how it describes the complexity of women and how awesome we are even though we might appear crazy from time to time. Or maybe…

Hand Lettering: Kiss my soul, please

Another one of my designs for valentines. I believe that people fall in love because of a special interest in each others soul rather than looks. And I love drawing the word kiss, so that’s basicall the whole story behind it.