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Weihnachts-Letterings: Postkarten, Poster & Co

Der 1. Advent ist da und sicher könnt Ihr Euch denken, dass ich schon tief im Weihnachts-Lettering bin. Postkarten und Poster wollen gelettert werden, die ersten Grußkarten gestaltet und vor allem: Geschenke gebastelt (in meinem Fall natürlich gelettert werden). Nichts kommt schließlich so toll an,…

Merry Christmas brushmeetspaper hand lettering typography

Hand lettering: Merry christmas

I wish you very happy Christmas days with your beloved ones. May your days be filled with joy, tons of love and awesome food. Merry Christmas! In case you need some last minute christmas cards – this way please.

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Hand lettering: At christmas

It’s the 23rd of December. Time to start wrapping those Christmas presents, pack up your suitcase and head towards home. Whether you drive by car, take the train or even airplane to see your family and friends: have a safe trip getting there. I love…

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Brush lettering: Christmas Collage

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! To set you (and myself haha) a bit more into the right mood, I’ve created a new brush lettering collage in a Christmas theme. The one I did for autumn was quite popular and let’s face it:…