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Okay Ladies now let's get in formation Beyoncé Song Crush Faux Calligraphy Poster

Lyrics Lettering: Beyoncé “Formation”

Lieblings-Song-Alarm! Seit Beyoncé am Samstag Nacht ihre neue Single Formation gelauncht hat und damit tatsächlich auf ihre Art das Internet lahmgelegt hat (zumindest in der Hinsicht, dass es für 24h kein anderes Thema gab), bin ich schockverliebt. #imsorecklesswhenirockmygivenchydress Große Liebe für den Frauenpower-Song mit soviel…

Brushmeetspaper Video Tutorial DIY Faux Calligraphy Lettering

Video: Faux calligraphy

It’s video time: my latest video tutorial is about faux calligraphy. In high speed it may seem easy, but I’ve shown you this technique more detailed already before right here. Modern calligraphy is basically just another term for faux calligraphy, which is based on standard…

Hand lettering. Kindness. It doesn't cost a damn thing. Sprinkle that shit everywhere. Mixed font

Hand lettering: Kindness

I love this quote that is all about kindness and being friendly. Like I’ve written here already, I’m a big fan of playing it nice. Doesn’t cost you anything, but gives everyone around you a lot. It’s so uncool being bitchy or grumpy. Kindness. It…

Hand lettering Uh la lala

Brush Lettering: Uh la lala

Today’s design is not about a lyrics, but about singing and humming along in general. Not sure which song was stuck in my head while painting it. I just like the way it looks. Song on paper.

hand lettering tutorial faux calligraphy

About meeting the paper – Faux calligraphy

Surpriiise! This weekend I’ve been working on something new for you guys. From now on I will share different techniques of type design with you. And what’s more fun than doing that than in a video? It’s all about meeting the paper. I will show…

Hand Lettering: Magic

She’s mad but she’s magic. I read this quote somewhere and it kind of got stuck in my head. I love how it describes the complexity of women and how awesome we are even though we might appear crazy from time to time. Or maybe…

Hand Lettering: Kiss my soul, please

Another one of my designs for valentines. I believe that people fall in love because of a special interest in each others soul rather than looks. And I love drawing the word kiss, so that’s basicall the whole story behind it.