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Handlettering faux calligraphy brushmeetspaper you bring your smile, I'll bring the wine

Hand lettering: You bring your smile

The easy-breezy Song by Timothy Auld & Marcapasos just inspired me to do some late night lettering. I just love the lyrics and this part is my favorite: you bring your smile, I’ll bring the wine. Doesn’t it fit perfectly for friday night?

Songtext Wanda Bologna Brushmeetspaper Handlettering

Lyrics lettering: Bologna

It’s lyrics time once again. This song is so very stuck in my head – I simply love it. All German, better yet Austrian again, but I’m sure you will get the meaning. It’s by an Austrian band named Wanda and if you’ve never listend…

Hand lettering: Baby, bitte schreib

Today I want to share a cool type design with you, which is actually part of the lyrics from a song I love right now. It’s from a german singer, so I’m gonna translate it for my english speaking readers as opposed to translate it…

Lyrics lettering: Look at us

I’m so very much in love with the music of BOY. The german-austrian girl group has just the most awesome sound. The lyrics are fantastic and I love the mix of their soft and powerful voices. The new album “We were here” was released in…

first day of my life hand lettering typography

Lettering: First day of my life

I made this hand lettering piece last night while listening to one of my all time favorite songs first day of my life by Bright Eyes. It always makes me think about my boy, which is a bit tough right now, because he’s far away…