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outfit style skandi look white black minimal trenchcoat nude girl munich brushmeetspaper

Palazzo pants & soft colors

It seems as if my wish came true: ever since I have created this brush lettering piece about  how summer needs to slow down, the temperatures have been rising and the sun is shining a lot. Welcome back summer!

Slow down summer

After my summer collage I’m trying yet again to influence summer and make it stay a bit longer. I’m just not ready for fall yet. What about you? I need more days full of sun spend by the river and in nature,  some more of…

Sommer Outfit Basics Style Fashion BLonde Girl City Look Brushmeetspaper

Sometimes I feel like

Summer in the city, a new (old) song obsession and a minimalistic outfit. It’s up to 36 degrees here in Munich, Germany and all I can wear these days are denim shorts, tanktops and sandals. As you know, I’m fond of everything basic (see Basics…

August Brush Lettering Month Hot Summer Blue Yellow Shades

Hello august

The hot month is here! While in the southern countries of Europe august means four weeks of vacation bliss, I will be working throughout the whole month. I do hope that there will be plenty sunny, hot days ahead of us! Hello august – it’s…

summer lettering collage swimming pool bikini watercolor

Summer, please slow down!

So far july has been pretty awesome, weatherwise, but now it seems like summer is already on its way out. At least here in Germany it has become rainy, windy and quite cold. I have to say I don’t care too much for this early…

sweet taste of summer brush lettering pineapple birkenstock

Sweet taste of summer

Pineapples, coconut water and – of course – watermelon. All these things entail for me the sweet taste of summer. Wether you are on vacation or at work/ studying in your usual routine – tastes like these can bring you right into a relaxing mood…

Splish Splash Watercolor Design Brush Lettering Ocean Seaside Water

Splish splash!

With this current heat wave in Europe, all I can think about is jumping straight into a pool, the river or – if possible – into the ocean. Splish splash! Water refreshment here I come.

palms watercolor

Take me to a place with palms

Summer is here and the heat in the city has been pretty extreme. Maybe it’s just that the temperatures did a major jump from a cold spring to a very hot summer. It made me all sleepy and lazy. Don’t get me wrong – I…

festival outfit

Festival feeling

Here are a just few things I love about summer 1. the air that feels soft on the skin and has a smell of freshly cut grass and is full of possibilities 2. the long days filled with sunlight that make me feel as if…

brushmeetspaper blue denim

Blue Denim

Oh so blue! Currently I can’t get enough of these shades, especially in combination with my very favorite blue denim shirt. This spring I’ve been wearing both probably a little bit too often. But I really like the look of the blue denim shirt with…